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Before you hire an SEO Company or freelancers, you must be prepared with few questions to ask, and should also know how certain SEO agencies will help with all your needs. There are many agencies who keep transparency, to help you know what exactly they’re going to do to grow your business. While others only just work for money and will be bad for your company’s website.

We the United Digitally are into the SEO business to assist our customers in improving rankings on the search engine results and to generate organic visitors. We believe in keeping complete transparency between us and clients. The below questions are written just to make you all aware of our SEO processes and to communicate easily for any projects and consulting.

Question 1: Types of SEO services you offer?


Answer - We provide complete SEO packages that include On-Page and Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, and Local SEO services for small Business and Companies. Also, we do offer individual SEO services if you just wanted to work on On-Page or Technical. For more details visit our services page.

Question 2: How will you improve your search engine rankings?


Answer - For this, first you will need to understand your objective and have to identify your potential customers, their demographics, and which keywords you wish to rank. With the use of quality content distribution on the top social sites, engaging in targeted forums, and by working on Off-Page there is a good chance, where you can see measurable and quality results. 

Question 3: Can you rank our website in the 1st position of search results?


Answer - We can improve your website ranking, generate quality backlinks, and will increase domain authority however, we don’t guarantee that your brand will rank on top. You should also know that no other agencies guarantee this type of requirement, if they do so then they might just need your hard money. There is the possibility that they might purchase spam links and will lead your website to get penalties. 

Question 4: Is it possible to rank on the top result?


Answer - Yes, it is 100% possible with proper SEO strategy, by delivering quality content to the users and through generating quality backlinks. However, it will take few months or even years if your keyword is too generic and has a lot of competition.

Question 5: How will you communicate for the work report?


Answer - We believe to keep you informed every week, as it will help you know the status of the organic numbers, and how much work we have done till that day. We will also provide you a monthly report typically at the first week of every next month.

Question 6: What will include in the monthly SEO reports?


Answer - Search traffic, Keywords ranking, DA & PA, Google Analytics report, Google Search Console report, a summary of what all activities we had performed in that particular month, and some important suggestions (if needed) to practice in the next month.

Question 7: Do you need any passwords and if yes, how will you store them?


Answer -  We will only need the password of the Gmail account only if we are working on the Local SEO, to create and manage Google My Business. Otherwise, access is enough for us to manage your Google Analytics and Search Console. To store any passwords, we had made an online document or a central location of all passwords, where only United Digitally can access them.

This will not be shared or sell with any third-party person. Also, we don’t do any maintenance to your website, it’s better that you have a developer with you, as it will help us communicate easily with them if we suggest making any changes.

Question 8: Can you share any previous work?


Answer - Yes, we would definitely like to share our SEO work to let you know our performance and results. However, as we are newly formed, we currently don’t have any projects to show you up. You’ll see once we get started working with clients, and will showcase case studies, testimonials on the website. And if any client gives us permission to share some SEO reports with other clients, will share this too personally on the client’s email ID.

Question 9: How will you communicate with us? 


Answer - Due to this covid-19, we believe to communicate through emails and phone calls, as it will make our work efficient and fast. As we typically don’t need to contact more than a few months, however, if there are any technical issues that will need to discuss, or if your site went down.

Question 10: Are you experienced in my industry?


Answer - We provide SEO services to the industries like FMCG, Technology, Arts and Entertainment, Food and Beverages, Health and Fitness, Renewable, and few others. Before we began with any of the topics, we first understand the type of industry you’re business running into, and thereafter we plan an SEO strategy.

Question 11: What are Google’s best practices you follow?


Answer - Every year Google changes about 300 algorithms and to abide by the same, we do follow some best practices that will help your website improve SEO. By writing good quality content, generating quality backlinks, doing proper off-page activities, staying away from black hat techniques, and most importantly performing a robust Technical SEO.

Question 12: Can we speak to your previous clients?


Answer - Yes, you can, and also if you would like to know more reviews on our company’s knowledge panel i.e. Google My Business on the search result here.

Question 13: On what days are you going to conduct meetings?

Answer - Usually on the weekends for discussing the workflow, organic results, and to plan other things.

Question 14: What CMS (Content Management System) do you prefer working on?


Answer - WordPress, Wix, and Blogger.

Question 15: Does your Agency offers PPC services?


Answer - We believe to become a master in a single field that is Search Engine Optimization. Still, will try to evolve later in a few other domains like Branding, Advertisement, and Media Buying, and Communications.

Question 16: Do you write blog content?


Answer - Yes, we do write blog content for our clients, to improve the search engine rankings and to increase domain authority. For this, we do proper research about the brand, its products or services, and what type of content your customers are currently looking for.

Question 17: How do you select keywords?


Answer -  The very first thing that we will perform before choosing any keyword, is to identify your potential customer, as it will make our work easier to select keywords and to plan a strategy.

Question 18: Why should we hire your SEO Agency?


Answer - As we said, we are only working on SEO and we personally have experience in the SEO industry and also worked on few projects. We research thoroughly about the SEO trends, best practices, about our client’s business, their competitors, and also we are SEO enthusiastic which encourage us to grow and to implement new trends and strategies. We not only do activities that are mention in the agreement, but also we like to suggest even more to the customers so that they benefit and thus maintain a long-term relationship with us.

Question 19: What if you terminate your contract with us?


Answer - If you wish to terminate the SEO contract, you have to inform us a week prior, so to plan things accordingly. Also, we sign for a contract for at least 3 months, as it takes time or longer to see significant SEO results. As per the terms added into the contract, you have to pay pending fees, before any closure of the project.

Question 20: How are you going to charge?


Answer - We accept payments on a monthly basis through various modes like Net banking, Phone Pe and Google Pay. Note - We do take payments in advance, because of the rising fraud cases we see on the internet daily and we don’t charge extra for late payments.

Bottom Line - 


Before you sign a contract with us, you must be favorable with a few questions and answers, as listed above. Search Engine Optimization is a long-term investment and process that takes months or years to achieve proper results. If you think, that we had missed out on any other questions, then do let us know by reaching out to us here, and will get back to you at the earliest.